About the handling of personal information

Glowgraphic (hereinafter "our company") manages and protects personal information in accordance with the following standards. This privacy policy will be applied when you use our website on the internet or when you design it.

Purpose of using personal information

We use customer's personal information held by us only for the purpose of any of the following.

  1. 1. We will use personal information entered from our website or sales activities etc. to guide us or services related to the site or service concerned, contact us necessary for the execution, greetings of the time of the day etc.
  2. 2. Personal information of the person who applied for our job offering: In order to select applicability and to inform the acceptance
Regarding the use of cookie etc

On our website, we use cookies to improve the experience of users who visit and site analysis.

About the disclosure of personal information

Regarding the personal information acquired by us, it is not possible to disclose it unless it is requested to a contractor in the range necessary for the performance of the business, and in case there is a request for disclosure by legitimate procedures of Japanese public authorities such as the police. I will not.


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